Modernizing Real Estate Data Management with
AWS-Based Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouse and Tableau BI

Modernizing Real Estate Data Management with <br> AWS-Based Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouse and Tableau BI

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An Indian Real Estate Company was experiencing rapid growth and seeks to improve its data management, analytics, and reporting capabilities to support its executives, including the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). To address these needs, Company is embarking on a transformational journey to design and build an enterprise cloud data warehouse on the AWS platform while implementing a robust Business Intelligence (BI) solution powered by Tableau.

Sample Dashboard

Property Management Dashboard

Major Data Challenges Our Client Faced

  1. Data Silos: The company faces challenges with data residing in siloed systems, making it difficult to obtain a unified view of the business.
  2. Lack of Analytics: There is a need for advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and data-driven alerts to support strategic decisions.
  3. Scalability and Modularity: The existing infrastructure is not scalable and lacks modularity, hindering the company’s ability to adapt to future growth and technology changes.
  4. Inefficient Reporting: Traditional reporting methods are time-consuming and do not provide real-time insights required by executives.

ScatterPie’s Objective in Resolving These Challenges

Our mission was to provide advanced data analytics solutions to address these challenges and enable data-led decision-making for the real estate professionals.

  1. Seamless Data Integration: Create a unified and centralized data repository by integrating data from various sources and breaking down data silos.
  2. Real-Time Insights: Develop real-time dashboards to provide key stakeholders with instant insights, enabling prompt decision-making and enhanced agility.
  3. Predictive Maintenance Excellence: Leverage AI and ML techniques to develop accurate predictive maintenance models, reducing unplanned downtime and optimizing maintenance schedules.
  4. Advanced Quality Analytics: Implement advanced analytics to identify quality patterns and ensure consistent top-notch product quality, reinforcing the client& reputation for excellence.


ScatterPie’s Solution

The Real Estate Company has decided to implement a comprehensive solution that addresses these challenges:

  1. Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouse: The company will design and build an enterprise-class cloud data warehouse using AWS solutions. Key components of the solution include AWS Redshift, which will serve as the backbone to support analytics, BI, and AI workloads. Redshift provides the performance, scalability, and data processing capabilities necessary for real-time analysis of vast datasets.
  2. Business Intelligence (BI) Solution: A robust BI solution will be implemented to support the analytics and reporting requirements of the CMO, CEO, and CFO offices. The chosen BI platform is Tableau, which is known for its data discovery capabilities, data-driven alerts, advanced visual analytics, and standard reporting features. Tableau will be integrated seamlessly with the AWS Redshift data warehouse.
  3. Scalability and Modularity: The solution will be designed with scalability and modularity in mind, allowing it to act as a module within the overall IT architecture. This ensures that the system can grow with the company’s needs and adapt to evolving technologies.
  4. Tableau Cloud Integration: The BI solution will run end-to-end on Tableau Cloud platform, providing the company with the benefits of a fully managed, scalable, and secure cloud environment for its analytics and reporting needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Data Discovery: Tableau’s data discovery capabilities will empower users to explore and analyze data effortlessly, enabling quicker insights into real estate trends and market dynamics.
  2. Data-Driven Alerts: The BI solution will proactively notify executives of critical events and insights, enabling them to make timely decisions.
  3. Visual Analytics: Tableau’s best-in-class visual analytics will provide intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports for executives to gain deeper insights into the business.
  4. Standard Reporting: The solution will include standard reporting features to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

The Impact of Our Solution

As a result of our data analytics solutions, the Real Estate Ventures achieved substantial benefits:

By implementing an AWS-based enterprise cloud data warehouse with AWS Redshift and integrating a powerful BI solution with Tableau, the Real Estate Company is poised to revolutionize its data management, analytics, and reporting capabilities. This transformation will enable the CMO, CEO, and CFO offices to make data-driven decisions with agility and precision, while also laying the foundation for future scalability and adaptability.

With this comprehensive solution, the Real Estate Company is well-positioned to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic real estate industry by harnessing the power of data-driven insights.

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