Automating Manual Tasks Through Workbook Documentation Automation

Create custom documentation of the Tableau workbook using just a few clicks We helped one of our IT service provider clients automate the Tableau workbook documentation process with just a few clicks and saved months of manual efforts

Automating Manual Tasks Through Workbook Documentation Automation


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Tableau Workbook Documentation Automation


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About The Client

Our client is one of the Pune-based IT companies providing IT services to Global Clients. The Client created 100s of Tableau workbooks to provide business decisions on multiple domains. But as a part of the project submission, every workbook needed detailed documentation on Data Lineage, business logic, and custom fields created in the workbook. The client was looking for some automation to reduce the manual efforts required to prepare the documentation on Tableau.

The Major Challenge Our Client Faced

Documentation is part of the project delivery. But documenting all the Tableau workbook processes to get quick information about used data sources, dependencies, calculations, parameters, and unused sections is essential as auditing your workbooks will need all these details related to your workbooks created.

As Tableau does not give an in-built documenting option, a user has to create these documents manually which takes around 10-15 hours of resource time for documenting each workbook manually. With the increase in Tableau projects, creating detailed documentation and standardizing it has become a major challenge for Tableau users and clients.

The client wanted an automated system to give intuitive & interactive reports for every workbook.

ScatterPie’s Solution

After the research was done, the ScatterPie team created a new web-based simplified Tableau documentation tool to make the management and documentation of Tableau workbooks much easier, faster and simpler. It helped Tableau users put together documentation for all the workbooks created so the team can focus on Visualization rather than getting side-tracked by Tableau documentation.

The solution gave complete details of your Tableau workbook which includes but is not limited to data sources used, connection details, Workbook Components & hierarchies, Calculations, Parameters, Groups, sets, combined fields created, Unused fields and worksheets etc.

Key Features of the solution

  • Customized reports as per your need
  • Easy to use application
  • Easy export options
  • Deeper insights from your workbooks
  • Smart and Intuitive Solution

How Our Client Benefitted Through Our Solution

We delivered a solution to completely automate the Tableau documentation process and save 10-15 hours of resource time for each workbook. The client used the solution for 2 years and documented 1000+ workbooks to save 100+ Man months of effort.

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