Tableau Advanced Chart Extensions

How ScatterPie’s Tableau Extension for advanced charts helped clients add new advanced charts in Tableau workbooks for detailed analysis

Tableau Advanced Chart Extensions


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About The Client

Our client is one of the US-based Sales & Marketing companies providing IT services to Global Clients. The Client is using Tableau as part of their offerings and creating multiple charts & dashboards for presenting data in a meaningful way. Tableau provides a set of visualizations to use, but the client wanted advanced charts as part of their dashboards.

The Major Challenge Our Client Faced

Selecting the right chart to present your data for quick insight is a very important part of the visualization journey. With BI tools like Tableau, you get options to select 30-40 basic charts. If the visualization requirement needs advanced charts like Chord Chart, Sunburst Chart, Sankey Chart, or Network Diagram, Tableau does not give direct options to add these charts.

Tableau community has some workarounds to create some of these charts, but the workarounds are not efficient and need more effort.

The client wanted a Tableau extension to give quick access to advanced charts. This extension should have a configuration option to configure every chart as per the requirement.

ScatterPie’s Solution

ScatterPie team proposed a solution to the client to create a Tableau extension using Angular JS and D3JS Charts. All the advanced charts were used from the open-source D3JS library. The Tableau extension was created with the option to customize every chart as per the client’s requirement.

The solution gave access to 20+ advanced charts with customization options with just a few clicks. It became a reusable component for the client and helped them create better Tableau dashboards with advanced charts.

Key Features of the solution

  • Access to advanced charts in Tableau
  • Customized Visualizations as per client need
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Easy Configuration options
  • Deeper insights from your workbooks
  • Smart and Intuitive Solution

How Our Client Benefitted Through Our Solution

We delivered a solution to completely automate the advanced Tableau chart creation process and save 4-5 hours of resource time for each advanced chart. The client used the solution for multiple projects and made their visualizations rich in insights. The reusable component helped projects save a good amount of time in creating the charts.

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