How ScatterPie’s Dashboard Simplifies Your Agent Attrition Analysis

Track Agent Attrition, Manage Risks and Optimize Operations and Productivity With Ease We helped one of our clients leverage BI tools to give them a clear picture of churn across different parts of the business

How ScatterPie’s Dashboard Simplifies Your Agent Attrition Analysis


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Risk Management, Business Operations, HR Management

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About The Client

This customer is one of the biggest Insurance companies in East Asian countries. For the insurance industry, prioritizing and accelerating digital transformation and data-driven efforts to improve operations, customer experiences, and risk management is the most important activity.

The current requirement of dashboards was to set up a mechanism to monitor regulatory compliance, insurance fraud, or managing audit processes, leveraging powerful analytics to make data-informed decisions
Organizing all the data sources and the CFO dashboard helped decision-makers make informed and timely decisions.


Insurance Agent Dashboard

The Major Challenge Our Client Faced

Insurance is an agent-centric industry and maintaining a productive, satisfied workforce is a critical parameter for success. But tracking & analyzing the attrition data and finding business insights with legacy systems, products, and operations models is a time-consuming and complex process.

The client wanted a data-driven system backed by data analytics to give intuitive & interactive dashboards for every business unit.

ScatterPie’s Primary Objective For This Project

Insurance agents are the face of the company and maintaining a long-term engagement with the agents results in continuous business. Agent attrition impacts customer engagement, new customer acquisition, and customer relationships

With an increasing number of agents, tracking & uncovering attrition trends across demographics, geographies, time, or even salary levels is a critical parameter for the human resource department.

ScatterPie’s Solution — Agent Attrition Dashboard

ScatterPie’s business analysts worked on the analysis of the existing HRMS, LMS, and Payroll Data and captured data points and the list of KPIs. We suggested a dashboard for insurance leaders to see the attrition trend and parameters impacting the current attrition

The agent attrition dashboard highlights if gender plays any role in attrition. It highlights how many resources are left within the first year of hiring and what is the age group leaving the organization.

The areas covered in the delivered solution were

Work-Life Balance Impact

Today, more than ever before, work-life balance is a high priority for prospective and existing employees. Analyzing if the work-life balance is impacting the attrition helps management plan the workload to retain agents.

Attrition Demographics

Getting visibility in the attrition numbers by department, job roles, and even education of candidates who left gives a pattern of attrition and areas to improve.

Parameters Impacting Attrition

Agent attrition is not restricted by a limited set of parameters. A deep dive into the traveling distances of agents, duration with the current manager, and the impact of current income helps in finding patterns in attrition.

How Our Client Benefitted Through Our Solution

ScatterPie’s solution resulted in tremendous benefits. Our client was able to efficiently perform the following tasks:

  • Track patterns in attrition data for identifying areas of improvement.
  • Get visibility on the exact reasons impacting attrition.
  • Keep track of attrition of critical positions for better planning.

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