HR Management Through Instructive Dashboards

Human Resources Demographics — Inclusion & Diversity. ScatterPie developed a centralized platform for tracking all
HR-demographics factors necessary for informed decision-making

HR Management Through Instructive Dashboards
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Client’s Key

The human resources department collects and creates a massive amount of personnel and organizational data that is useless and unused. For the whole organization, creating excel reports for analysis was a manual, time-consuming, and laborious task. There was no centralized platform for making informed organizational decisions.

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Our Objective for Finding the Solution

The main objective of this assignment was to keep track of key workforce metrics by giving a quick view of HR metrics related to current employees. The intent was to get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to the strength and diversity of the workforce in the organization and the inherent complexities involved in planning further human resource policies.

The Outcome our Client Received

The exercise required us to go into the HR department and capture all the data points from different applications like HRMS, Application Tracking System, LMS, Employee records, etc.

After combining, cleaning, and transforming all the data points, we realized that HR decisions were subjective judgments when choosing when to hire, maintain or downsize their workforce.

To avoid this, we developed a methodology that includes the input of subject matter experts (Heads of Departments – HODs) and statistical techniques in determining current manpower from different business units.

Our technology experts came in and defined a strategy to implement a data storytelling approach within the existing reporting platform for better data visibility.

What was the Final Solution ScatterPie Provided?

From the start, our team collaborated with a cross-functional HR team to discover, plan, design, and deploy the portal-like analytics platform. Initially, we had a series of meetings to provide actionable problem statements that drive the decision-making with data storytelling efforts.

To provide a visual representation of finalized data points, we conducted multiple storyboarding sessions with different stakeholders.

We had multiple iterations to finalize the KPIs to track, dashboard designs & utilization by teams, and the effectiveness of analytics created. On deployment, there were hands-on training sessions conducted to convey how decision-makers will receive, view, and interact with essential business information.

The areas covered in the delivered solution were as the following:

Resource Distribution & Ratings

Displaying the experience-wise distribution of employees across various departments, analyzing the organization’s talent pool by tracking the highest-rated employees, current workforce trends, key performance indicators, and workforce performance views.

New Hire Stats

Identifying gaps between hiring goals and desired resource pipeline across departments. Evaluating recruitment efforts, improving hiring results through a more personalized, data-driven experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Employee Attrition

Analyzing current attrition data and identifying the root cause of the issue by understanding the bifurcation of the employees who left by department and experience range. Visualizing and analyzing the shortfall in workforce satisfaction and retention-related policies and strategies by tracking the average length of time an employee spends with the company.

What Benefits Our Client Received?

ScatterPie’s solution resulted in the following benefits:

  • Simplified tracking of HR demographics to see diversity.
  • Tracking skill matrix of the organization.
  • Improvement in analyzing the HR matrix at every level.
  • Better visibility in HR attrition and new hiring stats.

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