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Enterprises today are seeking the capacity to construct and manage their interconnected data ecosystems, innovate with data-driven offerings, and optimize cloud resource consumption effectively. In an increasingly data-centric world, staying ahead requires not just access to data but the ability to harness it for meaningful insights and business growth.

ScatterPie Analytics is delighted to announce our official partnership with Snowflake, an industry-leading and forward-thinking data warehousing platform. This strategic collaboration underscores our dedication to providing premium data solutions to our clients and spearheading the transformation of how you leverage data for your business's success.

About Our Partnership

“This synergy will surely enhance our data analytics and AI/ML expertise and empowers us to deliver an expanded range of services, benefitting our customers with cutting-edge data analytics solutions. With the customer-centric approach at our core, this merger opens new horizons for innovation and drives success across industries. Together, we aim to redefine possibilities and elevate the value we bring to our cherished clients.”

Client Benefits

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Snowflake offers flexibility and scalability in storage and computation for data analytics solutions.

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One System

With snowflake, users have the ability to support all their data in a single system.

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Snowflake allows user to seamlessly share data across multiple organizations.

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SQL Support

Users can use Snowflake with SQL that their team already knows.

Our Collaboration with Snowflake

“Our offerings leverage synergies of Snowflake and ScatterPie Analytics to provide best-of-the-breed solutions to customers. Snowflake capabilities such as Data Marketplace and superior database engine combine with vast experience of industry solution and life cycle AI/ML solutions with a rich library of industry models that enable end-user with consumable solutions.”

Our Strengths

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