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Why did ScatterPie and Techknomatic Merged?

The merger of Techknomatic and ScatterPie Analytics was driven by the dynamic data analytics landscape and the growing demand for advanced AI/ML capabilities. Recognizing the shared passion for innovation, our visionary leaders saw the compelling synergy between our companies.

Together, we've united expertise, experience, and technology to create a data analytics powerhouse. This strategic union enhances our AI/ML and data-driven solutions, enabling us to offer clients an unmatched range of services for growth and efficiency. Committed to excellence, we empower clients to excel in their industries as we embark on this remarkable journey together.

Ashish Singh (Founder & CEO, ScatterPie)

“This synergy will surely enhance our data analytics and AI/ML expertise and empowers us to deliver an expanded range of services, benefitting our customers with cutting-edge data analytics solutions. With the customer-centric approach at our core, this merger opens new horizons for innovation and drives success across industries. Together, we aim to redefine possibilities and elevate the value we bring to our cherished clients.”

Rahul Madke (Founder & CEO, Techknomatic)

“As CEO and Co-Founder of Techknomatic, our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge solutions and client success has been our driving force. By joining forces with Scatterpie Analytics, we fortify our data analytics prowess and expand our capabilities to offer unparalleled value to our clients. This strategic merger amplifies our potential to lead the industry and deliver transformative insights, solidifying our position as a dominant force in the data analytics domain.”

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